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Once you have sold your home,  landed a new job,  or just want to move to a new city, it is time to put your moving plan into place.

Here are a few steps to consider when you are meeting with a prospective mover.

 Show them  everything that  you plan to move. This will include:

 So  why is this so important?  A mover will decide on the size truck to use based on the amount of things that you are moving.  They  will reserve space on the truck based on the things that you have told him that you are taking with you to your new residence.

 The price is based on the amount of furniture and boxes that you are taking to another location.

If they  arrive at the pickup location and you have let him know that all of your boxes will be packed and ready to go, they will send out a moving crew.

 If they  arrive and you are not packed, you will incur extra expenses  both for the packing manpower and the materials that are used in the packing process.

 If you decide to change the delivery address they  will need to adjust the charges.  

 Changing the delivery of your possessions from one city to another city will change the amount that you are charged.  Remember to give your mover your cell phone number so that the mover can contact you if the need arises. Be sure to have someone meet the mover at both the pickup and delivery addresses.

 For more advice, contact pack n send in Houston. They can move one piece of furniture to a new city and answer your household move questions.