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Knowing When You Need Custom Crate and Shipping in Houston, Texas


Not everything fits in a square and settles into the back of a truck with a perfect fit! Many items are too fragile or misshapen to fit into a standard crate without special care being taken.

In this instance, it becomes necessary to use a commercial crating service in order to get bulky, delicate, and valuable items from one place to another. When it comes to custom crates for a shipment that has substantial value — be it monetary or sentimental — it is best to find a custom crater and shipping professional.

Houston Shipping: One of the Busiest Ports in the World!

Businesses shipping goods expect their products to leave their facility in good condition. Paying customers expect the items they have ordered to arrive in equally good condition. In Houston, packing items safely and correctly is a high priority. The Port of Houston is one of the busiest ports in the United States, where ocean-going vessels bring all manner of goods from all over the world to be distributed to warehouses and then shipped all across the country.

With the increasing volume of goods arriving via ship every day that are distributed to companies for assembly and processing along the Houston Ship Channel, custom crate and shipping services in the greater Houston region are expanding. Most goods arrive in the Houston packed into containers. Many of these goods arrive in pieces, meaning they must be assembled by companies in the region and then shipped as completed components to customers nationwide. A custom crate builder can build crates that specifically fit the item that has been imported and that needs to ship out to a new location.  Custom craters can also build crates for goods that are purchased in one city in the USA and need to ship to another city.

Do You Need Custom Crate and Shipping Services?

Many items do not require commercial crating. Tires, clothing, heavy duty plastics, and shipments of lumber  can be shipped on either standard size shipping pallets or custom built platforms that are built  to fit the size of the order.

Contrary to things that can be palletized or simply stacked, crate and shipping services in Houston, Texas, can take high value artwork, valuable stemware, or odd-shaped items like an airplane fuselage and get them ready and safe for shipping.

For more examples of some different items that have been shipped by pack n send in Houston, check here.

As an energy center in the world, odd-sized pipes and delicate measuring devices make their ways through the region en route to destinations elsewhere in Texas and well beyond. These are items that oftentimes require special crating or custom built pallets  to keep them safe on their journey.

Regulations and Guidelines For Shipping

A knowledge of the do’s and don’ts is tantamount to conducting good shipping. It is also important to know about restrictions facing international shipping if something is to be sent overseas. While Houston is a destination for many of the world’s products, it is also an active exporting port.


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If you find yourself in need of a custom crate and shipping information, contact us for more information. Pack n Send is a leader in the Houston shipping industry in everything from customer service to ensuring your shipment arrives safe and and in a timely manner.