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Why is using a white glove moving company a good idea when you are moving into a new home?

They make your move a spectator event, rather than a work your muscles and sweat event.  Your basic job becomes directing and letting the movers know what items you need packed and unpacked, what items will head to a donation center, and which items you would like to go to storage. You can also direct them to drop off items at a shipping store that you would like to ship to other family members or friends.


Ease of moving is the white glovers main goal. Not only can you ask the white glove movers to pack up your current home you as well. They can haul off all of your boxes and packing materials. This is a big deal, if you want to so as little work as possible and have your new home livable in a very short period of time.

They can pack your valuables and breakable items for you so that you do not have to drive around looking for the correct packing materials. You can point out as you go where you would like each item placed inside of your new home. They can pack not only your ordinary household items, but can move your artwork and chandeliers as well. If you need  a custom box or a custom built crate for either marble or artwork, they can build theses as well.

White glove movers can arrange to take unwanted items to donation locations. This includes furniture as well as everyday household items.

When you use this service, you are not out in the  heat or cold, the rain or snow. Your job is to sit back and  relax and watch your white glovers movers complete your move.

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