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In the moving industry, the term “Estate Movers” refers to distributing or sending household items of a home to various locations. The locations can be both domestic and international.

When you are tasked with dissolving an Estate, it can be emotional and feel overwhelming. The process can also consume a lot of your time and energy as well.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., has the expertise to give you a worry-free experience with the planning and distributing of your Estate. We work closely with family members, executors, trust and estate professionals to create a personalized estate moving plan in order to safely deliver ALL your important and fragile items wherever you need them to go.

We will arrange to pick up, crate and ship items by way of our preferred ground, air or ocean carriers. We also provide supplies and ensure that all of your belongings are delivered safely and on-time!

We can package and ship one piece of furniture or an entire room of household goods to relatives and/or family friends. Each set of items going to each designated location are treated as a small move. These individual pieces are blanketed, packed, crated and protected!

Tip: When disbursing Estate items, keep in mind the Estate Taxes. Estate tax items to consider:

When it comes to the delicate task of handling and dividing your family’s Estate, Pack-n-Send, Inc., is your number one choice!

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