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 What does estate furniture shipping have in common with Houston commercial crating? Not much you say, well look again.

4_3_2015_boat_crate_040.jpg Both commercial crating and estate shipping may involve high value and or delicate items. For example look at artwork. Both businesses and estates may contain artwork that needs to be shipped. Think about paintings, statutes , chandeliers, pictures with glass, medical equipment or even delicate artwork.

Building a custom crate involves expertise and using the correct type of wood. The custom built crate needs to be built to the exact dimensions of the artwork or high value item that will be placed inside of the crate. Crates that are built for domestic shipping use can use plywood. Crates that are built for international shipping will use heat treated stamped wood. There needs to be both Styrofoam and bubble that protect the art work. A one inch piece of Styrofoam should line the entire container, all sides, including the top and bottom of the crate.

When shipping the belongings from an estate, besides artwork, there may be valuable pieces of furniture that need to be moved. You can look at small load moving, a blanket wrap move, or a freight shipment. With any of these cases, you may need the wood crate built for protection during shipping or moving.

For commercial moves, while you may need to use a crate building service for the artwork, the furniture and computers may be able to be moved by freight on a pallet. There are a lot of options out there when you want to move something out of town.

As you can see, each move is different and needs to be looked at separately.

For information about building a crate in Houston, TX, contact pack n send. We build custom crates, custom pallets and will move your household goods.