Best Moving & Shipping Company

6214 Beverly Hill St

Houston, TX 77057

Number one is location of course.  What’s in the area?  Is it in a good school district?


Is it convenient to grocery stores, etc.   Would it be a long commute to work?


Is it easy to get to?  Does it have the amenities you want?  What’s the crime situation, is it a safe neighborhood?


What type of dwelling best suits you and/or your family?  A single-family home with a large yard, Patio home with just a little space, townhouse or apartment?


Once you’ve found your dream home, what should you consider when hiring a moving company?


Reliability and trustworthiness are crucially important.   Stability is also essential.  How long have they been in business?   Will they treat your belongings properly?  Checking references will ensure you’ve picked the right company.


Pack N Send has been helping Houston families move from one side of Houston to the other, or to another state and even abroad.  And, we’ve been doing it for 40 years.  Make your move to your dream home, a dream move with Pack N Send.


Pack N Send   713-266-1450

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