Ways to stay warm in winter from a Texas moving company

snow freight shipping.jpg 

Since we rarely have cold weather in Houston, we have looked up ways to stay warm to send to our Houston customers as well as our clients throughout the United States.  Here are a few suggestions.

  • Add a layer or two to your clothing. This applies when you are inside or outside.
  • Wear a hat. Yes, a hat worn  inside will help keep your body warm.
  • Wear socks. 
  • Run your ceiling fan clockwise.  Since hot air rises, this will help push the hot air down. Run the fan on low.
  • Use hand warmers in the pockets of your jacket.
  •  Block any drafts coming in from the bottom of doors.  A rolled up towel  will do the trick. You can even make a long thin pillow out of fabric and stuffing.
  • Attach one inch plastic strips over the space where the door meets the wall. This will help to keep out drafts.
  • Cook and bake all day long. The heat from the oven will help heat up the house.  Cookies help the house smell good too.
  • Hot cocoa, hot coffee, hot tea or even hot water will  help warm your insides.

Stay warm and remember  enjoy playing board games or working on puzzles to pass the time.

Since pack n send ships freight and moves furniture across country, our customers are sending  us pictures of the snow in their area.  We have a cold rain, but none of the beautiful snow.  Feel free to email us pictures of your patio, street or porch so that we can share them with our customers.  Shipping companies have weather delays, and as a Texas moving company, we are dealing with cold weather today.