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Here are a few helpful tips so that your company can save money when they are moving the office from one location to another location.

Let your employees pack their personal belongings into boxes.  Have them label them with their name and new office location. Pick small to medium size boxes.

Unhook your own computers at the very last minute.  Mark each cable with a colored  sticker or colored tape, so that you can easily retook up the computer. If you are not sure how to do this, you can hire a professional company such as Able Networks to do this for you. When you hire a professional to take care  of the technology move, there are a few steps.

1. Get in contact with the technology move company 45 days in advance of the move. Sometimes it takes 45 days to find a internet provider.  These are important in case you need a T-1.

2. A technology survey will need to preformed so that everything can be cataloged.  Do this two weeks in advance.

3. Provide a floor plan of the new office so that it is easy to assemble everything in the new location.

4. Workstations, printers and servers will need to be installed before the technology is assembled.

5. A Friday move is preferred so that the technology can be installed over the weekend and  you can be up and running Monday morning.

The downtime you experience when your computers are not working can be more expensive than hiring a professional to take care of this for you.

If you are hooking up the technology on your own, schedule your business move during the week during regular working hours when possible .  If your building only allows after hours moves, have the movers  arrive before the move, so that they can move everything near the door. Once the allowed move time arrives, the movers can quickly start the move.

If you need  to reserve a freight elevator for the move, reserve the elevator before you schedule your movers.

If you need a certificate of insurance from the moving company so that they are able to enter the building, ask for the information needed on the certificate at lease one week ahead of your move date.

For more helpful ideas to make moving a business go smoothly, feel free to contact pack n send in Houston.