Household moving the easy way.

Household moving tips are included in this blog. 

  • Ask for a floor plan of your new residence. This will let you determine if all of your furniture will fit into your new place to live.
  • If you find out that you are unable to pack everything on your own,  call the company that is moving you and ask them to send packers a few days before the  move date.  Let them know the items that you did not have time to pack on your own.
  • Check out the sizes of the door frames. Will your current furniture fit easily into your new apartment or home?
  • Have the person who is in charge of the move at the move site at all times. That way they can let the movers know if any of the furniture or boxes need to be left behind.  They can also make decisions about donating or disposing of unwanted items.
  • Have the person in charge stay at the new residence to instruct the movers where to put things. The movers will be happy to keep rearranging the furniture, but this is an added cost to the person who is moving.
  • Measure the number of feet of closet space ahead of time. That way you will know if all of your hanging clothes can fit inside your new closet space.  The moving company can supply wardrobe boxes to make them move go faster, but you want to make sure that everything will fit inside the new closets.
  • Reserve elevators before the move date. You do not want to wait for other people to use the elevators for their move at the same time your movers are charging you to move your items.
  • If you are packing up an estate, mark the items that you would like to donate and the items that you want to move, before the moving company arrives.
  • If you have taken apart a piece of furniture on your own to save money ( like a bed for instance), make sure that you have all of the hardware handy so that the movers can put the bed back together for you.
  • Look for small load movers. There are moving companies that do not have a minimum amount of furniture to move.

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