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Using a Houston Shipper for Palletizing Goods


The word pallet originally referred to a straw filled mattress where individuals slept. Although the modern, common definition of pallet refers to something else, you’ll definitely sleep soundly knowing your transported goods are secured safely on a shipping pallet!

How Are Pallets Used in Shipping?

Pallets are flat, wooden structures that heavy goods are placed on. The construction of a pallet allows them to be easily and safely moved with a forklift within a warehouse, shipping vessel, or from point to point.

When pallet shipping from Houston, your Houston shipper or pallet shipper in another city  will stack products onto a pallet, shrink wrap them, and place metal banding around the items to ensure stability during transport. Shipping vessels and shipping companies recognize palletizing goods as an efficient and safe way to transport goods. Not only do pallets maximize space, they are easy to relocate while in transit and are easy to load and unload.

What Goods Can Be Palletized?

Pallets are versatile when it comes to the type of product being shipped. Because the items on a pallet are secured with metal bands, practically anything that fits on a pallet can be transported via pallet!

Anything you can put in a box can be placed on a pallet, banded with metal straps, and shipped to practically any place in the world. But shippers do not limit their palletizing to strictly items that fit in a box. Shipping equipment, car parts, furniture, and household goods often find themselves on a shipping pallet. If you’re not sure your item can be palletized, contact a shipping expert and find out.

Where Can Pallets Be Shipped?

Finding a Houston shipper that palletizes goods for international and domestic shipping is as simple as boxing up your household goods. Pallets can be shipped domestically or internationally via ship, plane, or ground transport.

Pack n Send Can Palletize Your Shipment!

Shipping companies that palletize come right to your home or business to pick up the items you need placed on a pallet and shipped. For more on domestic or international shipping, contact us