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Transporting Trade Show Displays

There are as many types of trade shows as there are careers. Trade shows exist for almost every industry and serve to inform attendees of recent technological advances and new products or services. Everyone looks forward to wandering among the booths, learning about new developments, and collecting free promotional merchandise. Trade shows would not be possible without exhibitors and their booths. It seems almost magical that these little booths all appear and disappear at once, just in time for the show. However, most attendees give little thought to the effort required in transporting trade show displays!

Transporting Display Materials

One important aspect of booth display is transporting the display materials to and from the booth location. Most trade shows have a delivery window during which display materials may arrive at the show. Items must arrive during the delivery window so they will be available for setup in time for the show. It is also important to carefully pack all items to be sure they arrive safely. The display booth represents the company or organization it promotes, so all components of the booth should be in perfect order. Items such as display boards, tables, chairs, and backdrops must arrive in pristine condition and may require special attention when packing due to their size.

Packing and Shipping Trade Show Displays as Freight

Trade show materials are frequently transported as freight. Packing freight and moving freight to another city does not have to be a difficult process. There are companies that specialize in packing freight and are skilled in moving freight to another city or returning it to its origin once the trade show is over. Display items can be packed in reusable crates to allow for quick re-packing and immediate shipping to other shows. Reusable crates also offer significant protection to the shipment as crates are strong and sturdy, even when stacked.

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