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5 Tips for Stress-Free Senior and Elderly Moving in Houston

Relocating a senior loved one from their memory-filled home is often a challenge for family caregivers. Some people have time to plan for the move, while others might have to move unexpectedly due to failing health or the loss of a significant other. Regardless of why the move is necessary, here are 5 ideal tips to make senior and elderly moving in Houston as stress-free as possible.

1) Be Prepared

Moving takes time, so don’t plan to pack up a lifetime of memories in a matter of days. Although it is possible with professional movers, you want to give the senior time to sort through their possessions. Prepare yourself for the emotions that will come and go with senior while sorting through their loved belongings.

2) Focus on the Positive About the Move

Plan to help the senior clear out, donate, and decide on what items to take with them. Stay upbeat during the clearing out process. Some seniors might not see the move as a positive change. Do take their feelings into consideration and reiterate to them the upside to downsizing and moving to a new location.

3) Arrange for Estate Sales/Meet with Realtor

One great way for seniors to fund their move or even just put extra money in their pocket is through an estate sale. Many seniors often feel better about departing with their possessions when they know the items are going toward helping someone live out their dreams. There are always people looking for dishes, furniture, and other household items. However, most millennials will probably want to keep their moving grandparent’s china and other special memorabilia. You can always pack and ship these precious belongings to family members who live in other cities.  A shipping company can help you out here. For some seniors, knowing what to do with a lifetime of memories or how to sell their home can be a daunting task. If selling a home, make arrangements to meet with a realtor to discuss how to put the home on the market.

4) Take Pictures of Special Collections

If your senior loved one is downsizing or moving to an aging community, most likely they will not be able to take all their loved possessions. Take photos of those special items and put them in a photo album for the senior. It is important to help the senior find ways to remember their possessions they cannot take with them.

5) Relocate with Reliable Professional Movers

Decide on a time for professional movers to arrive to help with the transition from the old home to the new one. Regardless of the size of household moving appliances or family antiques, these highly trained and skilled professionals work hard to accommodate the needs of senior & elderly moving. They know how important it is for elderly loved ones to have a pleasant and stress-free transition to their new homes.

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