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Tips to Make Moving into Assisted Living Exciting and Successful

seniors moving into assisted living home

Packing up almost a lifetime of memories and relocating to an assisted living home is a big step. As with any move, comes the second-guessing as to whether the right decision is being made and what to take and what to leave behind. So, the least of your concerns should be the actual packing and moving your treasured belongings. Those tasks should be the responsibility of the highly-skilled and trained moving professionals. Here are a few tips to help you plan a successful and stress-free move to your new assisted living home.

Be Enthused about Your Fresh Start

Visit your new home frequently and get excited about decorating and becoming part of a new community. During these trips take time to visualize where your treasured belongings will go and socialize with your soon to be new neighbors. Take note of the amount of assisted living space available to you, this is a clear indicator of what to bring to fill your home.

Create a Priority Checklist

Create a list of tasks to complete before your move out date. Be sure to prioritize the list with most important tasks first. The list should include, notifying the utility companies about the need to discontinue service with them, getting family members on-board with the move, deciding on what to do with items that will be left behind. You can always ship your unneeded belongings to relatives throughout the country. Contact professional movers to establish a definite moving date.

Stay Motivated/Get Organized/Downsize

Stay motivated and positive, when it is all over you will be able to sit back with friends and family and relax. Get organized and prepared to let go of some of your belongings. This will probably be the most time consuming and difficult task of the moving process. Start downsizing by first letting things go you never use.  Check with family and friends to find out if they are interested in some of your belongings. Consider donating other items you can’t give away. Being able to help others in need, somehow makes giving away possessions a bit easier. Some donation centers do offer pick up services. Be sure to contact the nearest location to you to find out if service is available.

Keep What Matters Most

Do plan to take sentimental items that have personal meaning to you. Some of these items might include photos, knick-knacks, awards, trophies, etc. Put important documents, jewelry, chinaware, and other valuables in containers which are easily identifiable to you. 

Call in the Professional Packers and Movers

After the big decisions about what to take and let go have been made, call in the pros to handle the packing and moving. No need to worry about finding boxes, packing breakables, or labeling them. The professionals have that all under control. They will safely pack and move everything you plan to take with you. You won’t have to lift a finger, all your energy can be saved to socialize with your new neighbors and decorate your space.

Remember to arrange a moving date well-in-advance with the packing company. To find out more about making your next move stress-free and a success visit us.