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Spring moving season is beginning. Homeowners are listing their  homes, and families are planning ahead for their move. Whether you are moving to purchase a larger home, or move to a new school district, it is time to plan you move. You may be packing an estate of a deceased relative to move with you when you relocate.

Whether you are planning a move within the city, a cross country move. or an international move, now is the time to look at your moving options. Here are a few moving tips that will serve all types of household moves.

Start to sort out the items that you want to move. Consider donating belongings that you have not used during the past year. Do this ahead of time so that you do not move things that you are not using.

Make a list of the items that you will need the first few days after your move. Medicine, sheets, towels, toiletries and changes of clothing should be on the top of your list.

 When you contact your movers, remember to let them know about items in an attic, basement or storage unit that you will need moved. This will be a good time to go through your storage unit to see if you want to move items that you do not plan to move in the future. You may need to move something in a custom crate.

Obtain a floor plan of your new residence. Make sure that everything that you are moving will fit inside your new residence.

Measure some of the items that you plan to move before you purchase your moving boxes.

As a Houston packing company and mover, pack n send can assist you with                   shipping furniture across country, provide international shipping company assistance, or give you a quote for your local Houston move. A pack and ship moving company that offers alternative ways to make your household move run smoothly.