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When making a decision to move, professional movers can be one choice you make that can help keep the disruption at a minimal.

Pack-n-Send., Inc., has moved enough families and businesses to know how important that is! With over 30+ years experience, we have seen many reasons for a move – being closer to families, wanting better neighbors, retirement, job transfers and career moves.

Overall, the number one reason respondents claimed they were moving was to follow a job transfer or a career move. Basically, that boils down to an economic reason for the move. When making any type of move, there are a few main factors to consider.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are important to consider. After all, you get what you pay for. If you need a school, higher property taxes should give you good school choices. They should also offer you good public amenities and services, such as, libraries, parks, and community college. You will need to decide if the property taxes are worth it to you.

Linked here are each of the 50 states having their own criteria for what property is taxable.

Locating Property To Rent or Own


Zillow is a great tool enabling you to search real estate listings to find homes for sale and apartments for rent.  Sometimes renting is a smart move until you are familiar with your surroundings and are able to make a definite choice on what area suits your lifestyle best.

State Taxes

The Tax Foundation measures the state-local tax burden, which calculates the percentage of income that taxpayers pay for state and local taxes. When deciding where to relocate, you may consider moving to a state that does not carry a state income tax.

Will you continue to receive yearly raises to keep up with tax increases?

Conclusion: Your choice to move is always about location, location, location. That location choice can and will include factors such as, retirement, relatives, career choices and neighborhood. We have provided you with a little information about reasons that you may want to move. NOW, we want to give you some advice on how we can pack your belongings and move you to your to your destination!

Pack-n-Send, Inc., will pack, load, and move your belongings to your new location. We are a complete packing and moving service. You can pack yourself, or you can hire Pack-n-Send, Inc., to pack your belongings for you. We always stand ready to give you guidance and help with your big move!

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