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 Is your business moving locations or transferring its equipment? While most people will never have to move ten microscopes from one country to another, equipment shipping is a common option that movers and packers provide.

packingservicesinhoustontx.jpg The unique aspect of equipment shipping is the individual challenges of each move. Even when you consider art shipping, which encompasses a variety of shapes and material types, equipment shipping is even more-so determined case by case.  After all, components for MRI medical imaging equipment require different procedures than a shipment of power tools. We’ll explain what can be expected from moving your work equipment.

From years operating as a packing and freight preparation company in Houston, we’ve learned first-hand how all equipment has a variety of specific needs. For example, a hospital’s surgical operating table will need to have its legs secured before transport. Also, any bladed item (such as factory equipment) will necessitate having all sharp edges cushioned with a soft material like rubber. It is common for each item to be sent to a packing company to individually contain each item. This is especially important when it comes to objects with moving parts since nothing should be allowed to move significantly while in transit.

There is simply no standard way of packing that covers the wide range of needs of electrical and mechanical equipment. In many cases, custom boxes or crates are created to properly secure each item, and many elaborate techniques are used to guarantee equipment safety. Thus trusting your equipment to experts is very recommended unless a member of your staff already has prior knowledge of how to pack and protect your devices.

We can state, however, that no matter how large or small the item it can almost certainly be transported. While it is uncommon to move an arcade cabinet or a water cooler it is common enough in the industry that an expert can examine the item, prepare a solution, and ensure the equipment’s safety through to its destination.

If you have any questions about individual packing requirements or the types of services offered for transport, feel free to contact us