The Pack N Send Movers have left, now what do you do?

The Pack N Send Movers have left, now what do you do?

The move went great and now you’re standing in your new home dreading the unpacking task ahead.

If you chose to unpack yourself (Pack N Send can help you unpack), follow these 3 helpful steps and everything will go smoothly.


Unpack the kitchen first. 

Put away the essentials.  Get your food supplies put them away in the panty.    Unpack your dishes, glassware and silverware into the cabinets.   Now you can grab a bite and a drink and continue unpacking.


Next comes the bathroom.

Put your prescriptions and medicines away in your medicine cabinet.   Make sure you have toilet paper, tissues soap and shampoo set up.   Add your towels and you’re done with the necessities.


The bedrooms

Make up your beds, hang up your clothes, place your shoes and you’re ready to face a new day.


Then, unpack the boxes with the next most important items and continue on.   You can always hang pictures and deal with non-essential items  later on.


Lastly, make sure you take time to rest and be sure to enjoy your new home.


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