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From April 1860–October 1861, the Pony Express set records as the fastest mail delivery service at the time. Yet, mail delivered on horseback, with the major goal of speed, was not cheap. According to, “the service was mainly used to deliver newspaper reports, government dispatches and business documents, most of which were printed on tissue-thin paper to keep costs down.” In the beginning, sending mail through the Pony Express cost its patrons $5 per ounce (which would be about $130 today), and though the cost was dropped to $1 per ounce later on, that was still too expensive for most people. Certainly, the Pony Express was just for paper mail and not such large, valuable items as priceless artwork or family heirlooms. 

Today, we can be thankful for all the knowledge and technology we have gained. If you are shipping  artwork today, you need not fear it going on a long, arduous, or expensive journey. Instead, you can be assured reasonable, expert measures will be taken when shipping your valuables. 

Shipping artwork can be done in  custom crates, with a special paper surrounding it, adding a layer of protection before boxing or crating. When we say “artwork,” we mean just that: anything priceless or valuable, and one of a kind. Even  some furniture can be considered artwork  The packing method for pieces of art differs based on the composition, value and size of each piece of art. When an art gallery ships artwork in reusable crates, the crates can be constructed and sent to ensure minimum overall cost.

Today, the general public is able to ship sculpture and paintings and everything in between. If you are in the market to send artwork, or anything else, from Houston or elsewhere in the United States, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in with unique and cost-effective solutions.