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No matter the size, no matter the shape, chandeliers are designed to bring an element of drama to any place they hang.

Because chandeliers are specifically chosen for a dramatic and elegant effect, it can also make them more difficult to move safely.

The perfect chandelier can be used for every room of the house – Living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom(s), bathroom(s), closet(s), or foyer. They can be used in any building – hotel lobby, restaurant, etc., Chandeliers can be used for any event – wedding, reception, showers, balls and many other events.


Types of Chandeliers

While many of the following choices can also be categorized under “tiers”, some up to 5 tiers!, these are the most common chandeliers being used today:

Deer antler
Center bowl

How to Prepare the Chandelier Move

Whether buying, selling or a personal move, in Houston or around the globe, you need to be prepared. Removing a chandelier for transport requires locating a professional electrician and locating a professional mover. After you have located and scheduled your electrician of choice, you will need to locate and schedule your professional mover.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., specializes in customized crating and custom built boxes for moving chandeliers. We understand that every type of chandelier requires a different plan in order to both handle and pack for safety during transport.

Preparing the Crate


Designers, home and office stagers, and private individuals ship chandeliers all over the United States, using our experienced services at Pack-n-Send, Inc.

Whether you are looking to ship components domestically or internationally, our goal is get each shipment properly crated, packed and secured!  With our 35+ years of experience, we can PACK and SEND anything by box, crate or boxed!

If you require a quote for packaging, shipping or moving, feel free to fill out our form to receive a FREE QUOTE!  All quotes are handled throughout hours of operation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All information provided to us will be confidential to Pack-n-Send, Inc., and will never be sold for commercial use.

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