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Supporting Seniors When They’re Not Ready For Assisted Living, Part 2

seniors moving to assisted living

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Why are Seniors Scared to Move?

For many seniors, their ambivalence about downsizing is the sheer anxiety they feel when they think about compressing a lifetime into a small apartment. The first wave of Baby Boomers are retired now, and they were the last generation to stay put and raise families in one house. So when they’re looking at moving, it’s something that they haven’t done for fifty years and is understandably overwhelming. 

You can ease a lot of their worry with some simple planning ahead. Even with senior communities popping up like mushrooms, waiting lists range from six weeks to a few years. This waiting period not only gives seniors time to accept their new community, but also allows them to figure out what to do with all their stuff at their own pace. 

Easing the Anxiety Over Assisted Living

Here’s the trick to no-anxiety downsizing–take your time and share the fun. 

Work out with other family members how you’re going to split packing and moving duties. This is the time to discuss which pieces will be handed down and to whom, and when the recipient will take possession. Don’t get greedy and ask to have the china right away – be respectful of your parents and assume they will be enjoying the good stuff for years to come. If you’ve got siblings or family who can’t come and pick up the items they want, coordinate packing and shipping those things with your movers or contact a shipping company. 

This is also the time to figure out what you’ll wind up donating, or if an estate sale is in order. You really won’t know about the estate sale until you’re closer to the move, but go ahead and interview a few companies and tentatively get on their schedules. Online estate sales are a huge part of that industry these days; if you’re not in a large city it might be a good option. For the rest of the stuff, there’s good news–most major non-profits will send a truck to pick up your donations. They’ll need a list of goods and a date for pickup, and you don’t have to make lots of trips yourself. It’s a win-win!

Get Help Moving Seniors From Pack n Send

If all goes well, you’ve got several months to clear out the house and prepare for the move. So, consider using a full-service company! Pack-n-send has been packing and moving Houston for decades; if you need to start downsizing for your parents or yourself, we would welcome the chance to help you navigate this next step.