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 The answer to this question about a household move  is quite simple. You are either paying a trip charge for your movers to go out to the move location, or you are paying your movers an hourly rate. The rate mostly likely starts from the time they leave another move location until the time they arrive at your business or residence.

Some movers charge a minimum number of hours for a move. Other movers have a minimum amount charged per move.

With proper planning, you can have all of your household goods ready for the movers when they arrive. You can schedule your move on a day and time that works best for you.

Since movers are generally paid by the hour, you want to make sure that they know the best access point to your home or apartment. Check ahead of time to see if apartment elevators need to be reserved for the movers. Are one set of elevators closer to your apartment than another set of elevators ? For an apartment complex, ask ahead of time if the movers need a Certificate of Insurance in order to enter the building.

Moving in the same city should be easy. When you are moving out of town, be sure to allow enough time to clean your old home or apartment and enough time to meet the movers at the new location. Sometimes hiring a cleaning company to tidy up your old home may be the most cost effective way to facilitate your move.

Other things to consider are any parking restrictions at either the new or old location. Are you moving into a gated community? These are just a few ideas to help you save on your home or apartment move.

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