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Should You Move To Help Your Aging Parents?

 Contributed by Michael Longsdon, Elder Freedom

Should you Move? As a young adult, you venture out into the world to find your path. This process often results in moving far away from your parents due to education or career opportunities elsewhere. As time goes, you likely see your extended family members significantly less than you did before. However, as you age, so do your parents, which can present challenges when you do not live nearby. That’s why Pack n Send has put together the following tips and resources for those of us who naturally worry about our aging parents.

What Are Some Signs You Should Live Closer to Senior Relatives?

Your parents took care of you for many years, and you want to make sure they are safe, happy and healthy, too. As your loved ones advance in years, you may notice unusual or concerning behaviors. When you visit or have phone conversations with your parents, look for signs that indicate they may need regular assistance:

  • They are always exhausted. Chronic fatigue can signal a physical or mental health condition.
  • They have trouble with essential self-care needs. If your loved ones are not bathing regularly, do not have clean clothes, or neglect other hygiene tasks, they likely need some help.
  • They are losing or gaining weight. Your senior relatives may be relying on fast food or processed meals, so they do not have to cook. Or they may choose not to eat because preparing food feels too complicated.
  • They are having trouble maintaining the house or yard, leaving things broken, unkempt or dirty.
  • They frequently get lost going to familiar places, meaning cognitive decline could be a factor.
  • They are falling or getting hurt often. You may notice unexplained bruises or cuts.
  • They keep and eat expired foods and forget to take medications.

How Can You Help Senior Loved Ones- Should You Move Closer?

When you have concerns about your parents’ health and safety, you may want to move closer. Living nearby gives you more opportunities to help and provides peace of mind knowing you are close if they need medical care or other urgent assistance.

While moving presents challenges for you, it is often too difficult for older relatives to make a long-distance move, both physically and emotionally. According to research, almost 90% of seniors prefer to stay in their homes.

Do Your Parents Need To Downsize?

You may also want to evaluate your parents’ current home. Is it too big for them to maintain? Does it have stairs or other features that are challenging to navigate or present safety concerns? Once you live near, it will be easier to assist your parents with a local move to a more suitable house.

Taking steps to care for your family members as they age will give you peace of mind. When you live close, you help them stay safe and healthy. And, you all gain the benefit of more time with people you love.

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