Pack n Send can ship just about anything anywhere on planet earth.You can easily send items throughout the world at a fair price when compared to the price you may be presented with shipping with your local postal company. 

We offer pick up service, as well as packing and/or crating; both on site or in our warehouse, which is located in beautiful Houston, TX. Whether you are needing items packaged right in your home or office we’ll gladly come and help you if you require these services. 

With the variety of items being shipped throughout the world we’ve expanded our shipping services to ensure that we can help everyone. Whether you need to send a small package or a large package our shipping services can adapt to your needs.

View a complete list of countries we ship to.

Examples of items we ship:

Antique Shipping
We can pick up and ship your antiques. We box, crate or blanket move antiques with the utmost of care.

Artwork Shipping
We specialize in shipping high value artwork. We custom build our crates to fit the size of your art work.

Car & Auto Shipping
We ship autos both domestically and internationally. We also ship car parts, i.e. bumpers, windshields, tires, doors etc.

China Shipping
We specialize in sending heirloom pieces as well as wedding and anniversary gifts

eBay Shipping
Our services include listing, photographing, selling and shipping your ebay items.

Furniture Shipping
Pack N Send can move furniture all over the world. We can ship it as freight, or blanket- wrap it.

Computer and Office Equipment Shipping
We pick up at your location and take your equipment back to our warehouse for packing.

Glass Shipping
Our expert team handles each piece with care. We bubble and double box your glass to get it to its destination safely.

Freight Shipping and Receiving
We pack your freight and look for the lowest shipping rates around. We also receive freight on your behalf and deliver it to your location.

Estate Shipping
We work directly with families- large or small. We can ship small amounts of estate items all over the country. We can do the packing or just supply the boxes, tape and bubble. We can ship your estate furniture to different addresses all over the world.

Office Equipment Shipping
We ship large pieces of equipment strapped down on pallets, then shrink wrap the whole pallet. We box smaller pieces.

Stereo Shipping
We expertly pack and ship all sorts of stereo equipment. From old fashioned turntables to high tech radio station equipment, Pack N Send has shipped it all.

Marble Shipping
Pack N Send builds special crates to fit the marble for shipping. We add a minimum of one inch Styrofoam on all edges.

Sign Shipping
We ship business signs all over the world. Just drop it off, or we can pick it up at your business.

International Shipping
We ship household and business items worldwide. Call us with your list of items, and we will provide you with a quote.

UPS, Fed Ex and DHL Shipping

We ship worldwide and pass discounts on to our customers.

Call us at 713 266 1450 request a shipping quote online.

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