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Once you are engaged, there will be lots of wedding showers and  of course your wedding. This means lots of gifts!

With families living in different cities and different states, this often means multiple wedding showers and a wedding that is not necessarily taking place in the city that you live in.  So what do you do with all of the gifts that you receive?  Send them to your new home of course!

Shipping wedding presents and shower presents is easy if you plan ahead.  The gifts will come inside of their original box. While this box worked when the purchaser picked it up from the store shelf, the original box will not survive being placed on a conveyor belt and put on a freight truck.

Here are some shipping tips. Take all of your gifts  to a professional packing store. They will be able to determine which gifts need to be re boxed, which gifts can be combined in boxes with other gifts to save you shipping dollars, and which gifts can be put on a large pallet and shipped as freight. Freight shipping can cost less than shipping each individual package.

For brides and grooms with family members who have gifted them with furniture, a small loading moving company that can move both the furniture and the wedding gifts at the same time may be the least expensive option to get both the wedding gifts and the new furniture to you  with the least expensive cost.

Another recommendation is  we have is to look at your relatives homes in other cities. If you mother-n-law plans to give you her family china after the wedding, why not ship it to your new home at the same time as your wedding presents. Shipping items together at the same time will help save you on shipping dollars.

For more suggestions on saving on shipping wedding and shower presents, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston. In business since 1981.