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 Art Shipping Houston Company offers advice for packing and shipping Murano glass.

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For over 800 years, there has been one city exclusively devoted to producing exquisite glass work. A millennium is a long time to gather expertise and, indeed, Murano glass is nothing if not masterful.

Glass work has a long and storied history in Murano, from the time when it was a guarded enclave of treasured secrets, a time when skilled glass artisans were forbidden to leave the city. When the daughters of glass masters married into the nobility and the unrivaled skill in the craft brought wealth and fame to the region.

Many complex and beautiful techniques were developed in Murano, including the process of making clear glass, making it the only producer of mirrors in the west for many years.

The monopoly on masterful glass making in Europe was eventually eroded through the loss of Venetian trading power and, ultimately, the elimination of the glass guild by Napoleon. The love of glass was never killed, however. In a place where hundreds of generations have mastered the same art, there will probably always be an interest in learning the old secrets.

After the World Wars, Murano regained its heritage as a center of glass making, producing some of the most sought-after, modern glass work, including light fixtures and chandeliers.

When it comes to buying or selling such legacy pieces, shipping and handling will obviously be a serious consideration. But it need not be a source of stress; with the correct packing techniques, even something as delicate as glass is almost sure to arrive safely.

There are two primary concerns when packing delicate items such as this. The first is to make sure that they are surrounded by a thick layer of cushioning materials, like Styrofoam, packing paper, and bubble wrap. The second is to be certain that the piece and its protective materials fit tightly in their container so that they aren’t moving around in transit. You may want to use a custom built wood crate to ship your Murano glass. You need to look at both the size of the glass and the value that you are shipping.  You can look at international freight shipping in Houston or other cities if you have a large piece of glass top ship internationally.   

Of course, with historical, beautiful pieces like Murano glass, it’s best to trust packing to professionals.

For help with packing delicate or valuable items, please feel free to pack n send  in Houston. We pack and ship both domestically and ship internationally.