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Eduardo Portillo is a Salvadorian artist based in Houston. His work creatively explores the relationship between paintings and sculpture. His canvases challenge the perception that a painting has to hang flat against a surface, with his pieces often protruding from the wall at asymmetrical and interesting angles. Artists like Portillo, who have exhibits at galleries such as Anya Tisch Gallery, have to rely on shipping companies to transport their work to various galleries for exhibitions. Artwork is precious to the creator and many pieces are very valuable. Transporting this type of cargo needs to be done professionally and with great care. 

For artwork like Portillo’s, a standard box for shipping will not do. Sculptures, oil paintings, porcelain vases, and other uniquely shaped pieces have special shipping requirements. Often, a custom crate must be made for the item in question, and the cost depends on the dimensions of the article to be shipped. Depending on the piece of art, it is sometimes necessary to have special braces inside the crate to provide protection and support. This added bracing and support will increase the cost of a custom-made crate.

For additional protection of artwork, it is best to ship in a crate made of heat treated wood. Wood that is treated in this manner is heated to 133 degrees Fahrenheit for thirty minutes in a closed chamber. This process ensures that all potential pathogens in the wood are destroyed. This process of heat treating can kill fungus, insects and bacteria. Shipping in a crate made of heat treated wood provides the best possible shipping environment for valuable artwork. There are special packaging materials which can also be used to help ensure the artwork arrives safely at its destination.

Pack and Send is  experienced at the process of shipping artwork. They have sent valuable pieces safely to destinations around the world. They also have shipped traveling pieces, and can provide crates that are reusable for artwork that will be on display at multiple sites. Contact us for an estimate and assistance today.