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Shipping Overseas for an International Move

The prospect of moving overseas can be exciting but daunting. There are many details to manage in a short amount of time.  Making arrangements to move personal belongings is a key element of an international move.

Using Ocean Freight for Your International Move

Ocean freight is the most affordable option for moving personal items. Airline transport is fast but is always more costly and has weight and size restrictions. Ocean containers can hold a variety of large and heavy items such as furniture or cars. Ocean containers are also very durable and safe for transporting goods.

Shipping companies can help customers secure a “LCL”, or less-than-a-container load, which means that goods from several individuals or companies share a single container. Shipping companies help to ensure proper container loading, transport, and delivery of these personal goods. Some international clients even order goods from the United States, like furniture and vehicles, and have them shipped because the products may not be available where they live or may be of a lesser quality.

Utilizing the Port of Houston

One of the busiest ports in the United States is the port of Houston. According to statistics from 2017, the port of Houston ranked 1st in foreign waterborne tonnage and 2nd in total tonnage. It is a busy and popular port, shipping and receiving items from all over the world. The number of containers that Houston handles has increased steadily since 2006.

Most of the international tonnage which arrives in Houston comes from Asia, while most of the tonnage which leaves Houston heads to the Americas and North Europe. This increased business has resulted in the need to implement infrastructure projects to expand and deepen the Bayport Channel, allowing for the docking of larger ships.

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