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Consumers  have a number of options available to them when they need  to ship their specialty item. They  can head out to the store, buy a trunk load of bubble wrap and hope for the best. They can also haul their  item to a chain shipping retail store, hand it off to the guy who has worked there all of two weeks and pay the extra for the insurance you’re almost guaranteed to need. Or, they  can find a local, family owned business with professionally trained people who care about their customers and have had repeat, satisfied customers.

Odds are, the new kid at the retail shipping place won’t know what needs to be strapped to a pallet, protected in a custom made skeleton crate, or fully enclosed in a one of a kind full wood crate. To the guy at that place, your item will either fit into a box with Styrofoam peanuts tossed in on top, or it won’t, and you’ll be looking for the next place anyhow.

Whether you have one specialty item to ship or a thousand, you should look for a reputable company that knows how to ship unique and one-of-a-kind items, from original oil paintings to twelve foot tall marble statues. The right freight packing company for your item won’t need you to drag it down to a retail outlet in the back of a pickup truck. They should first provide you with a quote, then, if needed, come to the item, take detailed measurements, construct a custom shipping container based on the needs of the item and the customer, then load it for you and see it safely delivered.

So think before you hand over your original 18th century oil painting or that family piece that survived safe passage from the old country two hundred years ago, and make sure to find a freight company that values their reputation just as much as you value your item. Pack n send in Houston has been in business since 1981 and can help you with your pick up, packing and shipping needs. We can help you with shipping that one of kind item, or shipping multiple items to multiple locations.

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