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Shipping Office Equipment the Right Way

small business shipping office equipment

When your company needs to ship office equipment, no matter how thorough the planning, one problem frequently arises: insufficient packing for the major items, especially copiers and computers. This is what we’ll focus on today.

Shipping Copiers

Copiers tend to create the biggest challenge when shipping office equipment. Not because they’re especially difficult to move, but because those in charge of the move aren’t as familiar with how to make sure they’re moved safely. Some people, still think of copiers as the monsters of old; the original copy machines mass-produced by Xerox weighed six hundred and fifty pounds. Modern copiers still take up a good amount of space, but in the same way that cars are now designed with fiberglass bodies, they’re lighter and more fragile.

Thankfully, they’re not too fragile! They can be boxed normally (if you have one big enough), or strapped to a pallet and shipped via freight. If you’re responsible for copiers being moved, no matter which route you take, and no matter if you’re packing them or professionals are, make sure they are extremely secure. Some of the larger computers can be moved on blanket wrap move trucks, and smaller computers can be shipped either via freight or common carrier.

Shipping Computers

Computers are less of an issue because most people are familiar with moving them, even if only because they’ve moved their family’s PC from one house to another. In addition, when moving workstations, those are usually the same type of machine with the same dimensions. Once they’re boxed, they can be easily stacked and secured. 

Servers are sometimes more of an issue. While still just computers, they tend to be larger in size.Although the server cases should protect their components, wrapping them in anti-static packing material is still recommended. In addition, what many companies don’t know is that some shipping businesses can supply custom crates designed specifically to protect their servers or other highly valuable equipment. In short, server shipping needs to be prioritized, which means hiring the best  packing and shipping company available for the task.

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That’s a quick rundown of what to think about when shipping office equipment. If you’d like to know more about shipping office equipment, contact us today.