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Shipping medical equipment is big business in a city like Houston Texas. With the Texas Medical Center as the hub, and  outlying hospitals and medical offices in locations such as: Katy, TX. and Sugar Land TX. Freight from Houston can be shipped from a freight warehouse, or directly from a company’s loading dock.

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First, when hospitals or doctors’ offices open new facilities, they  usually purchase new medical equipment. Rather than receive it at their facility, the equipment is shipped to a freight receiving warehouse. The medical equipment is unpacked, unpalletized or uncrated. The freight receiving warehouse then inspects the  equipment  for any damage that may have occurred during transport. They also count the number of items in each shipment.  They coordinate with the new facility the best time to deliver the equipment. Elevators may need to be reserved ahead of time. Certificates of Insurance may need to be in place before the equipment is delivered. 

In the case of a major renovation, or  a new building, the equipment may need to be delivered one floor at a time or one office at a time.

On the other end of the spectrum, when hospitals are upgrading equipment, they will often sell it to other healthcare professionals that are in need of equipment. This may be through an auction company or by direct sale.  Shipping medical equipment within the United States usually entails using a common carrier or freight company. Sometimes the purchaser is in another country.  The sale may involve a single piece of medical equipment that needs to be shipped.  It can also have an entire truckload, or container full of used medical equipment.

As an alternative to this, medical equipment receiving also happens. Most of the purchases that hospitals make are new purchases are new equipment. Smaller doctors’ offices may purchase used equipment from associates in other parts of the country. A freight receiving warehouse will open and inspect, crates, pallets and boxes. They will  schedule a predetermined delivery time with the client.

For more information about medical equipment shipping, and medical equipment receiving, feel free to contact pack n send in Houston.