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Shipping machinery and moving machines to a new location requires packing and moving experience.

Here are a few questions that a moving company may ask when you are moving machinery.

Does the company asking you to move the machinery actually own the machinery? Moving companies are hesitant to move machinery when a customer asks to move equipment only the next day, especially if the machinery is on a construction site.

Is a loading dock available at the pickup and delivery location?

Questions You Should Ask!

  • Ask about the value of the machinery.
  • Does the company have its own valuation coverage during the move, or do they need you to take out a separate policy during the move?
  • Can they provide pictures of the machinery?
  • What about dimensions, weight, and value?
  • If the machine is relatively new, do they have sales receipts for the machine?
  • Are they in a rush to ship the machine out of the United States inside of a shipping container?
  • Is the machinery oilfield or medical machinery? (Different types of machinery require different packing specifications.)
  • Can the machinery be boxed? Does the machine need to be loaded onto a pallet for freight shipping?
  • Does the machinery need a custom-built crate?
  • Was the machine assembled inside of the customer’s warehouse and needs to be disassembled before the machinery can be moved?


International Shipping

  • If you are shipping the machinery overseas, will it ship by the cubic meter, or will it ship inside a container?
  • Will there be personnel at the loading location or does the packing and shipping company need to bring a full crew?


These are a few of the questions that the packing and shipping company may ask before they quote moving machinery.

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