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Since there are many sizes and values of lab equipment that need to be shipped, we have a few recommendations to follow when you are looking for a shipping company to ship the equipment.



Small equipment  can be moved in a standard cardboard box. Large purchases of lab equipment that is  packed in boxes, can be loaded onto a pallet and shipped via freight.

High value lab equipment can be placed inside a custom built crate, and sent over land or overseas via air or ocean. As an alternative to this, you can request that lab equipment be placed on a moving truck for transport to a different city in the United States. It is best to evaluate your  options before you make a purchase. You can purchase lab equipment can be either new or used.

So what is the best way to ship the equipment?  If you do not have a  dock, or the manpower to unload a pallet and take your purchase inside of building, then the moving truck may be your best option.

If you need you freight in a hurry, then shipping via freight may be best for you.  Freight preparation companies can build custom built platforms and protect your lab equipment during shipping. For high value lab equipment, we recommend using a custom crater.  The same theories that are used to pack a high value piece or artwork in a crate, will be used when packing a high value or delicate piece of equipment. We are attaching a  crate building video to show the basic crating process.

When you provide the company that will load your pallet, or build your crate the dimensions, picture and weight of the  lab equipment, they will be able to prepare both a packing and shipping quote for you.

If you can drop off your lab equipment, you may be able to save on a pick up fee.

At pack n send in Houston, we  pack, crate and ship medical and lab equipment on a regular basis. Feel free to contact us with your shipping questions.