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No matter the size of the item(s) being shipped, be they large or small, they can almost certainly be transported. How is an item prepared for transport? A professional will begin by evaluating the item(s), prepare a solution thereby ensuring the equipment’s safety all the way through to its destination.

Each shipping order has its own unique and individual challenge.  Here are some examples:


There could be equipment with sharp edges that must be secured. Blocking and bracing may be needed.


A computer will need to be wrapped in bubble wrap or antistatic plastic, and a double wall box is the best choice to place the computer inside with as much packing peanuts filler it takes to keep the computer nice and snug. You should be able to press down hard on the box and the packing peanuts should not move around.


Furniture is blanket wrapped for moving on a moving truck. It will be wrapped, padded, and placed on a shipping pallet when it is being shipped inside of a container for overseas shipping.

Even though there are standard supplies when preparing items for shipping, there is not a standard way of packing that covers all of the wide range items being shipped. In many cases, custom boxes or crates are created to properly secure each item, and many elaborate techniques are used to guarantee the safety of all items. Therefore, as you can see, trusting your equipment to experts is top priority.

The Important Information

In order to get the best shipping price and to make sure your items arrive at the intended destination undamaged, detailed information is important.  The dimensions of the load – length, width and height. Note: round out dimensions to the next number. An item’s weight will also help determine the packing method that is used.

For shipping with common carriers, some items might be termed as “oversized”, you will need the correct measurements and weight.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., knows, through our years of operating as a packing and freight preparation company, that each item being shipped has its own unique and specific needs when being prepared and packed for transport. Contact us so that we can explain the details on freight shipping, whether from here in Houston or any other city or country.

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