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 There are many ways to move furniture when you have a small move. You can always rent your own truck, pile your clothes and small boxes into your car, and drive cross country. 

By  the time you have paid for gas, hotels, truck rental  and people to help you unload at your destination, you have spent quite a bit of time and money.

So what about looking for Houston furniture shipping?  Shipping furniture, what a novel idea. Businesses have used freight shipping for years. They load furniture form North Carolina onto pallets and have it delivered to freight receiving warehouses.  The furniture is  then unloaded, inspected and delivered  to the final customer.

So how does this work for families shipping furniture?  Exactly the same. The furniture is picked up, wrapped and then placed on a  pallet. It is shipped cross country on a freight truck. You have a choice of having it delivered to your curb, where you can unload the pallet and take it inside your home. Your other alternative is to deliver the furniture to a freight receiving warehouse. They will unload and inspect the furniture and then deliver it inside of your home.

Interior decorators and interior designers ship  furniture via freight all of the time. They may be working on a large project and have both furniture and accessories purchases from multiple vendors throughout the United States.

So, you  can compare a small load moving truck, moving on your own, and using freight for shipping furniture.  A lot of the decisions  depend on your timeframe,  physical strength and using the moving option that you are comfortable with.  Freight shipping allows you to specify a pick up date. You will also schedule the delivery with the freight company. They will call you ahead of time to schedule your delivery.

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