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computer packing-1.jpgWhen a business plans to move their computers, they need to find a company to pick up, pack and ship their computers. They also need to use a company that can value the computers during transit. Sometimes, the shipment may be as small as shipping one single computer. Business that are transferring employees, or consolidating offices often need to ship multiple computers.

While shipping inside a box may work for one computer , you will need to look at alternatives for shipping multiple computers. Packing the computers and loading them onto a pallet is a great idea for domestically shipped computers. Shipping computers internationally may require a custom built crate. When you are moving one computer domestically, you might want to have it picked  up as late in the day as possible, allowing for the packing company to pack it and ship it the same day. You can request overnight, early a.m. shipping, so that the computer can arrive early the next day at its destination. That way, you can set up the computer as soon as you arrive in the office, and be ready to proceed with regular business as soon as possible.

For multiple computers being shipped to an international destination, a custom built crate can be the best way to ship the computers. Make sure to inquire about the use of heat treated wood so that the crates can ship internationally.

When asking for a shipping price, be sure to include any keyboards, monitors, mouse or copiers that you are sending along with the computer.  The shipping charges will depend on the dimensions, weight and value of the boxes that you are shipping. They are also dependent on the zip code that you are shipping to.  For international shipments, you will need to provide the same information, but also a current phone number for the recipient.

For information about packing  and shipping in Houston, TX, feel free to contact pack n send. We can pack and ship your computer for you and your company.  Packing companies in Houston and crating companies in Houston can always offer advice.