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  Shipping computers and shipping servers  can be accomplished in different ways.

Shipping computers can be accomplished in different ways. For one single desktop or lap top computer, the computer can be packed and shipped inside of a box.  Of course, bubble wrap and double boxing is recommended. For multiple computers,  packing  the computers and then  loading them onto a pallet is standard procedure when shipping within the United States. We recommend using black plastic to wrap the pallet so that no one along the way can view the contents of the pallet.

A standard pallet should be braced with one by fours to make sure that the boxes do not move during freight shipping. We also recommend using metal banding to secure the computers to the pallet. Shipping servers is handled the same way.

For international shipping, you may want to  consider using a custom built wood crate. The crate will be made from heat treated wood, so that it can be sent to just about any country. Worldwide shipping standards adhere to using stamped wood. This wood is heat treated to keep bugs from going from one country to another country. 

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Wooden crates date back to the tenth to eighteenth century in Europe.  Shippers used them because wood is durable and  comes in multiple thicknesses. It provided security during shipping. It still provides this security today. Wood crates can handle more computers than single boxes, and for heavy crates, legs can be added to the crate so that the crate can be moved by a forklift.

 Wood  crates can be stacked on ships and withstand the weather well. International shipping companies can re use the wood crates. With today’s hot climate, wood crates do not seal in the heat like metal boxes. This is a big advantage when shipping overseas.

If you are shipping computers  or shipping servers to a trade fair. you may want to consider having a reusable wood crate built. That way, you can ship your computers back to the original destination.  You will not need to pay for the packaging two times.

For more information about shipping computers and server shipping, feel free to contact us.