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Shipping Choices – Boxes, Crates, and Pallets

We ship boxes, crates, and pallets both domestically and internationally. Shipping to over 250 countries, we use air and ocean freight. To avoid any delays or fines, we will make sure that your shipping order follows every shipping protocol!

To serve our customers needs, each shipment is evaluated and handled individually.


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Although any item can be shipped in a box, extra caution may need to be taken with valuable pieces. Sturdy boxes should be matched to the size and weight of your item (s).

Boxes should never be too large. If you find you have empty spaces when packing a box, it allows items to shift during the move and may cause damage to the item (s) inside. It is best to fill those empty spaces with additional clothing, linens, bubble wrap, or packing paper.

Crating keeps valuable and fragile items safer than in a sturdy box.

Crates or Crating

Whatever items you need to crate and ship, you can be assured that we will evaluate your items to determine the best packing method. Pack-n-Send, Inc., will use the proper packing material and we will make certain that the maximum care and protection is used during transport.

We provide custom made crates, which are ideally made, for shipping fragile, valuable and/or antique pieces, large and heavy items, including heavy equipment and machinery.

We also freight large and small artwork in our custom made crates and also offer both on- and off-site crating service.

Here is a list of some items that our customers want to be crated:

Antique mirrors
China, stemware, and silver pieces
Curio cabinets
Electronics (large) – computers and servers
Heavy fragile items – grandfather’s clock, antique furniture, etc.
Medical equipment
Office Equipment
And anything else you need…!!!

We have crated and shipped a 10’ Alaskan Polar taxidermy bear!!!

Pack-n-Send, Inc.,  will secure shipments, when necessary, with pallets to provide additional stability and security.




Pallets, forming a strong tray base, are made of wood.

Pallets are built large enough to avoid shipment overhang and are secured by shrink wrap. This process enables the pallets to be easily stacked. A pallet is called “palletized” when a load of loose items being large and heavy are placed on a pallet and shrink wrapped to restrict movement. You could accurately call pallets – “Freight Forwarding”

Pack-n-Send, Inc., moves small amounts of furniture, auto parts, and car doors cross country on pallets with trucking companies. Preparing a pallet for shipping, we add one by fours and begin by wrapping the pallet with cardboard, shrinkwrapping, and finish by strapping with metal bands.

We also will help coordinate any shipments that require special considerations. These shipments can include:

Medical and lab equipment
Emergency delivery for a trade show

Emergency shipping during natural disasters:

Whether you are looking to ship components domestically or internationally, our goal is your complete satisfaction. With our 37 years of experience, we can PACK and SEND anything by box, crate or pallet!

If you require a quote for packaging, shipping or moving, feel free to fill out our form HERE. All quotes are handled throughout hours of operation.

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