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Whether you are relocating for business or shipping gifts to relatives, shipping to England is easy. All you need to do is look at the list of restricted or prohibited items before you do your packing.

So long as you follow the importing rules, your shipment should go smoothly.

Now, here are some fun facts, about London, just in case you decide to visit there: 1.There are over three hundred languages spoken in London. London is a culturally diverse city that has more than eight million residents. is legal to die in the House of Parliament, and if you die there, you will be eligible to have a State Funeral. A suit of armor is not permitted to be worn in the House of Parliament.

3.The streets in London are extremely  narrow. During the plague in the 15th century, London suffered a high death rate due to the lack of sanitary practices during this time period.

4.Due to superstitions. The Tower of London houses six ravens that have at least one wing clipped. The original ravens were placed there by Charles II as a way to protect the tower.  Just in case one raven takes flight and does not come back, there is a spare raven ready to take its place.

While these facts are fun to look at, be sure to look at shipping restrictions and prohibitions when shipping to the United  Kingdom.

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