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With the restoration of older cars, shipping auto parts has become a necessity throughout the United States. A car hood that is in Houston, Texas can easily be shipped to  Ames, Iowa to help with the restoration.

A car door located in Buffalo, New York, can easily be shipped to Oakland California.  With the internet, it is easy to find car parts in any part of the country and have them shipped to their final destination. Large car parts can like the door and car hood can easily be strapped to a pallet and shipped via freight. Car engines can also be shipped on a pallet.  If the pallet is  picked up from a business with a loading dock or a fork lift, and delivered to a business with a loading dock or a fork lift, a lift gate fee can be saved. A professional packing  company can protect the car part from damage and strap it to a pallet.

Say you need to purchase a Catalytic converter. Because of some of the precious metals contained in the converter, you want to have the Catalytic Converter packed well.  The metals may include rhodium and platinum.  Palladium may also be inside of the converter.  You may want to use a custom built box that will fit the Catalytic Converter snuggly inside of the box. An expensive engine, such as the engine for a Porsche shown above, may need to be crated. A custom built crate will protect the engine during shipping.

For packing and shipping car parts in Houston, call pack n send. at 713 266 1450.