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So you want to a pack a painting and ship it somewhere?  Get a box, add a little newsprint, ship it and hope it gets there safely? Shipping artwork requires packing expertise.

   Wrong. Look at your other options. How about packing it correctly and making sure that it arrives at its destination undamaged.

When you are packing a high value piece of artwork, we recommend using a professional packing company. Depending on the value of the painting, they may recommend a custom built box. For high value artwork, they should give you the option of having a custom built crate made.  Even if it is a large painting that does not carry a high value, it may ship better in a crate.

 So how do you locate a  professional packing or a professional crating company. Call local art dealers. Call a custom framer. Ask a friend for a recommendation. Call local shipping companies and ask them for their recommendations. Ask how long the  company has been in business. Ask if they have experience packing and shipping art work. No, two pieces of artwork during the last six months does not qualify as experience.

Can the company show you examples of pieces of artwork that they have crated? Do they have pictures of crates or boxes that they have built for other customers?

Do they let you know about protecting the painting with one inch of Styrofoam inside of the crate or inside of the box?  Do they offer both curbside and inside delivery for your painting. Have they mentioned to you that the painting will need to be signed for at the receiving end. 

If you have multiple paintings, have the offered to crate them inside or one crate?  Have they offered a blanket wrap move price for the paintings.

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For smaller or less valuable paintings, you can have a custom built box made.  The box is usually delivered to your front door.

There are  even options for your small, less valuable paintings. You can ask to have a custom box built that will specifically fit your painting. You can ask for the painting to be dropped off at a delivery address, or you can ask for the painting to be signed for by the recipient.

All of the above are basic questions that will need to be answered before you locate the right company to pack and send your artwork.

 In Houston, feel free to contact pack n send to answer your questions. A privately owned company in business since 1981.