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It may be easier than you think to ship a single piece of furniture. While many shipping companies have a minimum weight or crate amount, some companies will ship individual pieces, and may offer several options to accomplish this.

When you are shipping furniture, there are many ways different ways to ship furniture.

One option for shipping a single piece of furniture is through blanket wrap moving.  This is a method where a company can wrap the item in blankets for extra protection during shipping. The piece is then loaded directly onto a moving truck and sent with movers. Some companies will move your single piece of furniture on a truck with other items. This can result in a cost-effective way to move a favored desk or family heirloom if you are shipping a single item on its own.

Furniture that is shipped via freight are sent on a freight truck alongside other freight. Palletized furniture can also be freighted to a location and either delivered curb side still on the pallet, or taken to a warehouse, taken off the pallet, and delivered inside. If you are planning on inside delivery though, be sure to tell your shipping company ahead of time! They will need to know how to plan, and there is often an added cost for inside service, which is defined as any time the workers enter through a door into the residence.

While it is possible to freight ship a single piece of furniture, if you have more than one piece to move, keep in mind that it is more cost-effective to pack and freight everything  at once, instead of making multiple individual shipments.      

Some shipping companies will send a single piece of furniture all over the United States – even Alaska and Hawaii! – and internationally as well. International shipping is generally accomplished through air or ocean transportation. When shipping internationally via ocean, prices are determined by number of cubic meters. Air shipping is generally a faster yet slightly more expensive method of transporting an item internationally. When shipping via air, cost is determined by calculating the size and weight of the shipment.  

When determining the best way to ship your piece of furniture, be sure to call companies ahead of item to verify the options they offer and compare estimates. And as always, feel free to check out our website for more information about freighting and shipping, and contact us at Pack n Packing in Houston or packing anywhere in the United States, feel free to contact us.