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After a family member passes away we recommend looking for a freight company or a small load mover that can ship belongings anywhere in the world.

moving an estate-1.jpgIn Houston freight companies can pack precious items, provide custom crate building or build a custom pallet in order to ship furniture.  A company that handles custom freight preparation can build a platform to ship mattresses, head boards, foot boards and other furniture that needs to go to family members. You can look for a company that handles both packing and unpacking services.  Funeral homes often offer recommendations for moving companies. Shipping an estate can be handled in various ways.

You should be able to ship belongings to various family members throughout  the United States. For unwanted items, the moving company should be able to give you names of estate sale companies. Some unwanted items may be able to be donated to local charities.  

You will want to value the items that are being shipped, just in case of loss or damage. See if you have the original purchase receipt or have an appraisal handy. You can always check the internet to see what each item is selling for at the current time.

We have a few recommendations to follow when you are handling estate shipping for a family member or a friend.

At pack n send in Houston, we pick up, pack and ship for our customers. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.



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