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Shipping a server? 

  If you walk to a technology guru and ask her about server shipping you might receive a few questions yourself.  A server can be many different things and come in many different shapes, in fact, a “server” may not always refer to a computer at all.   The definition of a server is, according to,  “…a computer program that provides services to other computer programs (and their users)…” in other words, a “server” is software, not hardware.   What you may refer to as a “server” is a computer that supplies various network services such as internet and secure data storage.  In fact, any computer can function as a server if it can meet network and run reliably 24/7.   For some (such as in a home-network) outdated home computers will suffice.  But professional businesses need powerful computers with specialized software to handle the heavy work-loads.  These bulky towers can be more difficult to ship than your standard computer.

Now that we know what a “server” is, there are a few things you need to know about the shipping process.  For one thing, your checklist is different if you have a single server or multiple.   For just one server, it’s simple.  You’ll need to wrap it in bubble wrap or antistatic plastic, procure a double wall box, and place the server inside with as much packing peanuts filler as it takes to keep the computer snug.

With multiple servers it depends on your destination.  If you’re shipping within the US, you’ll need to load your servers onto a pallet, wrap them with black plastic to obscure the contents and brace the servers with one by four wood to keep them from moving during transport.  Metal banding will also serve to secure your servers.  International shipping will require a stamped wood crate, treated to keep bugs from ringing along from country to country.   

When you’re to transport your server, consider using Pack n Send’s Electronic’s shipping!   Contact us and we will pick up your equipment and keep it safe wherever it’s going!