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Senior Moving – Nearly 52% of all moves are for people over the age of 50. Moving can be stressful to seniors. That’s why we at Pack N Send – Movers understand how important it is for their move to be simple while offering any assistance they need.

We are Experts in Senior Moving.

Senior moves may mean downsizing from a large home to a smaller one, or making the transition to a retirement community. Our friendly crew will work hard to make your senior moving experience a positive one. Our experienced and friendly movers come prepared with the proper moving equipment to get the job done right.

Pack N Send – Movers can help with Packing and Unpacking too.

Senior moves may also require packing and unpacking services.   Not only can we move you,  our team can help with the packing or unpacking needs as well.

Whether you’re downsizing into a smaller home or moving into a retirement or assisted living facility, our movers will pack or unpack as much as you request. Many customers find it helpful to have Pack N Send – Movers pack only certain items or rooms, and they handle the rest. We will customize our packing services to fit your individual needs.

Senior Moving can be hard – and stressful – let us help.

Many of our senior customers struggle with grief from leaving their long-time homes or anxiety of facing unknown physical challenges.

We’re experts in moves that may be a little bit more sensitive and emotional. These moves include:

A senior moving professional can lend a hand in tackling this very emotional process. Having a professional – someone trained in the art of assisting seniors move – helps elders through the emotional part of moving, by allowing them to avoid some of the agony of letting go, since they aren’t witnessing the object-by-object decision making. This can also help family members  avoid watching their parents go through this often painful process.

Yet for all the logistics and practicalities the moving professional handles, it seems equally important that they do so with a skilled, gentle hand. A good elder or senior mover will need the right personality. They will stand back and let the elder reminisce as objects are packed. Senior movers will sympathize, but not dissolve into tears as a family member might do. They will be gentle. They will kindly help the elder through the transition, organizing and simplifying the process.

Being sensitive to the situation is also key to providing the ideal move for seniors – and reducing the stress and physical demands required during a transition is so vital. A standard packing and moving company may not be able to become experts on the delicacies of helping seniors with the emotional aspects of their transition, but we can provide planning, patience, efficient and timely packing and unpacking, as well as the actual move itself. By giving this much needed support to both the Seniors and their family members, we can provide a sense of trusted relief to members of the community in a time of natural transition.

To learn more about the Senior Moving Solutions of Pack N Send – Movers, contact us anytime by email at, or directly by phone at 713-266-1450. We are happy to answer any questions, and assist in your upcoming move.