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Senior & Elderly Moving

Pack•n•Send takes our seniors seriously.

Pack•n•Send is ideal for seniors. We are a company that helps with small moves locally and cross country. We pack and move small households. 

We can help guide them as to what will fit into their new location and we are able to professionally pack and move other pieces of furniture, art, glassware, etc to their children and grandchildren anywhere in the US or even internationally.

Estate Shipping is one of our Specialties.

Whether we are moving a senior into an apartment, senior living center, or nursing home, we help make their transition as easy as possible. We are compassionate and patient and will follow the customer’s lead at all times. We don’t make decisions for our seniors, but we aid in facilitating what they want to be moved or sent.


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We help seniors and their families make a stress-free and easy transition.


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