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Senior Downsizing is a Great Option

Are you looking at moving companies in Houston to assist with downsizing a senior? Moving companies that offer crating service for your high value artwork and delicate possessions may be the best place to work. Oftentimes, marble table tops or glass table tops may need to be crated during a move.

Start by looking at the items that absolutely need to go with you to your new location. If may be as little as a bed and dresser, or you may need to move a bedroom, kitchen and living room.

You can always ship furniture to a relative, if it will not fit into your new living arrangement. We find that seniors who ship china, furniture and pictures have an easier time adapting to their new home. They don’t exactly feel like they have down sized, since they actually have helped out other family members.

So, what if no family members would like your excess belongings? You can donate items. Women’s shelters, churches, synagogues, and goodwill are good places to start. Local food banks may know of families that are in need of household goods.

Schools and community theatres often take old costumes, fur coats and art supplies

How about selling the unneeded items. You can have a garage sale. Or, maybe hire an estate sale firm to handle the sale for you. Offer up, Facebook market place and craigslist are also options. Your subdivision may not allow individual garage sales, but there may be a community garage sale coming up.

So, what if you tried to sell something and it did not sell. A lot of families place unneeded items out on their curb. People driving by put the items in their vehicles. Some seniors simply throw away things that they do not want or need. This option should be a last resort.

Moving senior adults should not be stressful, so long as you plan ahead.

Senior Downsizing is a Great Option

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