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Making the decision on when it is best to downsize as a Senior would largely be based on individual circumstances. However, at the first sign of declining health, the decision to downsize would assuredly need to take place.

There is a process that makes downsizing a little easier. That process is to make a schedule and stay organized.

Some items won’t be easy to categorize when the process begins. Items that hold a lot of sentimental value would be one example. It is also a process that shouldn’t be rushed, unless circumstances warrant.

To being the process of downsizing, it is beneficial to set up designated spots to begin organizing some or all of the items in the house:

Keep – items that you use on a regular basis. If you have pictures hanging on walls that will not fit into your new living arrangement, you can take pictures of these with your cell phone or put photos of the pictures in a photo album to place on a coffee table.

Give to relatives or friends – helps cope with sentimental ties

Donate – items that you believe someone else can make use of

Sell – items that are not sentimental, but will be helpful in making extra money

Trash – any items that don’t fit the above categories.

The hardest part of downsizing is the change of mindset that will have to take place. After all, when memories are made, it can break your heart to feel that you are leaving them behind.

Downsizing doesn’t always have to mean leaving your home. If a person’s health allows them to stay in their current home, they may still consider the advantages of downsizing.

Downsizing To Stay

1. If a decision is being made to add devices that will assist in managing day to day living, it is helpful to make room for these devices, such as, bath installations, guardrails, etc.

2. A decision might be made to have a family member stay or hiring a caregiver full time. You would want to make sure that the family member or caregiver was comfortable by removing unnecessary items in the house.

3. Downsizing makes housework less laborious.

4. Removing unnecessary items can also keep you safe. Navigating around your living quarters should become increasingly easier.

The US Department of Health and Human Services has a thorough article covering the aspect of Aging in Place: Growing Older At Home.

Conclusion: Downsizing has two options. These two decisions would need to be made based on individual circumstances:

1. Downsizing to move out of residence.

2. Downsizing to stay for comfort and easy navigation.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., is here when you need us! We can answer any questions you have on such a delicate moving decision. Whether we are moving a senior into an apartment, senior living center, nursing facility, moving items to various family locations or storage, we will help make that transition as easy as possible.

We are compassionate and patient and will follow the customer’s lead at all times. We don’t make decisions for our seniors, but we aid in facilitating on what they want to be moved or shipped to friends or relatives.

We help seniors and their families make a stress free and easy transition.

Please feel free to give us a call for assistance (713) 266-1450 or request a Free Quote!

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