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Senior Adult Moving

There are lots of alternatives to consider when moving a senior adult. Ask them if they want to downsize into a smaller home or move into a condo. Would the prefer to move into a n assisted living community? What about an independent living community.

Do they want to move closer to their children, or do they prefer to live closer to lifelong friends? If they choose to move into an assisted or independent living community, what type of activities are they looking for? Are every night happy hours all that they care about, or do they prefer a once-a-week happy hour. Will the happy hours offer nonalcoholic alternatives for drinks.

Do they want a community that offers rides to doctor’s office for only a five-mile radius, or are their doctors in a twenty-mile radius? What about activities inside of the community. Is everyday bingo their idea of a good time or do they want daily arts and crafts. Do they prefer a puzzle room or a theatre room? Do outside groups come in to preform, or do they prefer communities that go to weekly movies?

Is physical therapy offered onsite, or do they need to leave the community in order to get this service? What about a hair dresser for the women? Is a beauty salon on-site? Do they have a nail shop onsite so that they can get their nails done weekly?

Food is often a big concern for seniors when they move to a new location. Some seniors have special diets that need to be accommodated. Other seniors prefer lots of salt, spices and everything that is fried. There is much to be consider in Senior Adult moving.

There may be no perfect solution, but if you ask questions ahead of time, you can prevent moving your senior from one place to the next place if you try to have questions answered ahead of time.

Senior Adult moving

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