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Packing a Computer


How many times have you received a computer from somewhere only to be disappointed when you realize it’s been damaged?  When it comes to delicate electronics of any kind, it is critical that you take the time to properly protect it.  Some computers have even been packed and shipped in the same box as an LCD, monitor which sounds as scary as it is costly! With a little time and some common sense, you can rest assured and greatly increase the chances that your computer system will arrive in perfect working order.

Here are some rules to follow when you are packing a computer on your own for shipping.

Rule #1 – Avoid Clumping

Avoid clumping delicate items together in a single box.  Never put the computer chassis, printer, or anything heavy and a monitor in the same box.  One wrong bounce in transit can destroy the screen. If possible, place the monitor in its own double wall box.

Rule #2 – Individually Wrap

Always individually wrap items with bubble wrap that covers the entire item with at least one layer for peripherals like keyboards or mice and preferably two layers for monitors and PCs with delicate plastic parts.  Secure the bubble wrap with packaging tape to prevent it from coming loose in transit. The wrapping will help absorb impacts that could shatter screens or crack plastic parts, and in some cases prevent damage if something tries to puncture the shipping box in transit.

Rule#3 – Secure Items in Their Box

Bubble wrap alone isn’t enough.  Now that you’ve painstakingly and lovingly wrapped the items in bubble wrap you need to immobilize them in the box so they don’t bounce around. This is where the packaging peanuts come into play. The peanuts not only help limit bounce and shock damage, but they also can help limit crush damage if something falls on your box in transit. Push down on the top of the box to make sure that the box does not compress with outside pressure.

Rule #4 – Consider a Double Wall Box

If the system or item is very delicate, or you’re very concerned about puncture damage, seriously consider a double wall box. Think of it as layers of an onion that protect more. 

Safely Ship Your Computer With Pack n Send 

Put these rules to good use and you’ll have fewer incidents – and remember, don’t skimp on the packaging tape for the box itself! The best wrapping and internal packaging only work if your box stays closed during shipping.

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