Best Moving & Shipping Company

6214 Beverly Hill St

Houston, TX 77057


Absolutely the best movers ever! I have used them 3 or 4 times now and their staff is so very friendly, fast, and efficient. The whole process was a breeze! Thank you Pack n Send and thank you Sue
Brad Scott
Today, I met Gerald at 7:30 a.m. in front of my apartment building in downtown Abilene, Texas. He was right on time and was already offloading my three items of furniture that were shipped from Houston. He was very polite and professional and handled each piece with care and quick efficiency. He had changed the delivery time to accommodate a last-minute meeting that I had to take. I live in a re-purposed 1930'3 hotel, the Wooten and the elevators were fairly tight going up to the 10th floor. He maneuvered everything well and smiled the whole time. Precisely placing my furniture ( antiques from my grandmother) he was in and out in thirty minutes. I would unequivocally recommend Pack n Send at the Beverly Hill location in Houston and appreciate the service and great attitude of Gerald. I understand he has worked there for over thirty years!! Also thanks to Sue who cheerfully responded to the many calls I placed in making the arrangements. I am at times hard to please, so trust me................Pack n Send is an outstanding company to receive your business! Thank you very much!
Susan Lewis King
The absolute best there is. Incredibly fast, on time, affordable. They can crate, pack, ship anything. Regardless of size or weight.
Tony Mitchell
Wonderful friendly service. They were able to pack my wedding gown in no time. Customer service was great!
LaTonya Hodge
Wonderful service to help us pack and move our things into a pod. Very efficient and fast. Less than a day to put a house away! We highly recommend this company.
Kathy Duval
So my son was moving from Texas to California and I had to handle the details of the move because he was going to be totally out of pocket. Everything had to go perfect or he wouldn't have his belongings when he got to California and he was counting on me!!! A move like this is kind of difficult to pin down all the logistics but Pack-n-Send worked soooo hard to make sure that everything went off without a hitch! And it did!!!! Just perfect!!!! Our mover was such a hard worker, sooo nice and courteous and I am very grateful! What a great solution this was for us! Highly recommend!
Linda Scott
Amazing service. Been using this place for a few years. Reliable, dependable and affordable. I don't use anybody else.
Ross Hyd
I've been using this place for over than 10 years now (started at their old location). Always wonderful service, absolutely superb! Ray is the one who helps me most of the time, but everyone is great there. Thank you for such an amazing service!
Aliya Amanzhol
Best moving experience ever, I wouldn't even think of moving without using Pack N Send!
Brad Dennen
Really impressed with the exceptional job Pack-n-Send did with protecting and securing my furniture for shipment. Crated, wrapped and well-supported the antique furniture arrived undamaged and without any difficulties. I highly recommend their services. Careful, attentive and professional
Sean Sarto
This place was super helpful! They did a flawless job on my crating for the fragile glass items and some antiques. This place has great ideas to save money too. Kinda rare lately.
Chris Doyle